Friday, January 30, 2009

A little this, a little that

Well I am still having my fibro flare which sucks. I went to the doc yesterday almost hoping that the facial pain was something else so their would be a treatment but he says that it is just one of the weird things that happen with fibro. Yay for me huh, uughhh. Oh well, I'm used to it by now I guess.

So for other things. I have ran across a really wonderful event here on blogger called One World One Heart (OWOH for short). Here is a little about it and a link...... Hosted by Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian, One World, One Heart has become a huge annual event - a cyber party of sorts, where bloggers and others from all over the world can visit with each other, share stories and comments, make connections and perhaps leave the party with a little goodie. It's a reminder of the basic goodness and generosity in this global blogging community (although you do not need to be a blogger to participate here!), and the chance to make new friends we might otherwise have never known. How cool is that?!
This is the main site here.
All the people that are participating are listed along the right side.

So I have been exploring theses sites and seeing all this wonderful talent and it has been making me miss my crafty side. I used to do crafty stuff all the time. I've never had just one specific hobby though, I do everything from paper crafts to bead crafts to woodworking and everything in between. I wish I had photos of all the cool stuff I've done but I only have a few photos of a few of my projects. I guess that I will have to remember to take pics from now on. This is my first ever lathe project (and prob my best, lol). It is a miniature vase. Um, ok, it ended up at the top, lol. That was the first pic that I uploaded, I guess I need to do a little more practicing to get it where I want it, lol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good day and then fibro flare!

The day started out good really, I had to get up kind of early but I felt alright. The two younger kids and I went to playgroup and it went really good. The kids had a blast and I made another friend. I'm new in this town, we just moved here a couple of months ago so thats why I am noting that I made a friend, lol. I know only one household of people here so the last couple of months have been lonely. Anyway so after that we came home and had lunch and then went to our WIC appointment and was still feeling ok. Well pick up my oldest son from school, came home and done a couple of things and started feeling a little down and tired so I layed down on the couch and watched hubby and kids playing video games and BOOM!

Its amazing how fast fibro can hit. I mean its always there but its amazing how fast it can take you completely down. Everything hurts! When I say 'everything' I mean 'everything'! Even my eyelids and eyebrows hurt. My skin hurts, my lungs hurt, its awful. And this isn't a joint type hurt, this is a flu type painful ache! I took strong pain meds and a few hours later an anti-inflammatory and it still hurts. I guess thats enough complaining for now cuz I am basically repeating myself, lol. Ok, one more thing, I am also jumpy tonight. Fibro messes with your nerves and reflexes too, its not all just pain. There are so many aspects that it is hard to explain....and even harder to live! But back to the jumpy, its so annoying. Even the lightest little touches make me jump like someone scared me, uughhh. I think I am going to go for the night. I know I need to get some info on here about fibro for people to see and help them understand but I am just not feeling well enough to mess with it. I hope anyone reading this is having a good night/day. Take care of yourselves :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watching my sweetie pie bowling and a bad phone call!

Ok so not the most inventive title but I've never been as inventive a writer as I wish I could be, lol. Right now I'm watching my daughter bowl on our Wii. Who would of guessed that the person in our house to beat is a 5yr old girl, hehehe. When we first got the Wii my son and his dad battled to see who was going to be king, they both boasted that they would be the best and the rest of us had no chance! Well it was actually a pretty close fight, both going back and forth on winning and then my little sweetie pie says "I wanna try", she stepped up and kicked their butt, he he he. With in a couple of days she made the Pro ranking. She is the only one in the house that has got that rank! Go baby girl!

Now on to angrier things!! Don't you hate it when multi-million dollar corporations try to suck every last penny out of ya?? We were with Alltel phone corporation for like 3yrs but when we moved we couldn't get service so we had no choice but to switch carriers even though we didn't want to. So anyway through certian circumstances (to long to explain) they agreed to let us out of our contract with out the $200 fee. Well on Nov. 14th they were supposed to shut both phones off. We find out a month later when they send us another bill that they only shut one phone off, ugghh. So I call and tell them that I am not paying all the fees they put on our bill (including the ones they said we didn't have to pay) because the phone was supposed to be shut off. They of course sent me from person to person and 45mins later when I finally had the right person and had everything set up to be canceled and the extra charges taken off, guess what happened? Yep you guessed it - I got cut off. Oh I was so mad and so annoyed that there was no way that I was calling back! But I thought hey they have all the info and was told to shut it all off so they will - right? Wrong?! I get another bill for even more money, ugghhh. Side note here, I had also had our checking account number taken off and they said that it was completely deleted and they wouldn't be able to acess it anymore. So today I get my bank statement and right there in print was the explanation of why I was overdrawn (and couldn't figure out). It was....yep - Alltel. Somehow through there money sucking powers had resurrected my permanently deleted account number and tryed to just Take the money. So I go through the whole phone process again, giving them a piece of my mind to be told this time that they have to do an investigation of all my allegations. So now I have to wait and see. Story unfortunately not over yet though. When I was done there she sent me to the guy to permanently shut off our service (again) and he says that it will be a $200 fee and I say no and go through it all again with him. He basically says that he doesn't care and that is the fee. He says that it isn't changeable or wavable. I remind him that that isn't true because they already waved the fee for the first phone and he says no actually the reason you didn't get a bill for it is because they took it out of your deposit . Uughhhh. So the one bit of generosity that I got from them was still a form of thievery because they took it from the deposit that I should of got back. I just love how the rich get by so easily from stealing from the poor!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

First blog, who knows, lol.

Well here we go, I feel like I'm back in school and have a report due and not sure what to write, lol. I hope that who ever reads this doesn't mind seeing lol alot cuz I laugh alot, probably even in times that I shouldn't, :) lol. Anyway, a little about me.... I am a very lighthearted layed back person. I'm a happy person that uses laughter and humor to get through life's crap....and lots of naps he he he. I'm a forgiving person, even when people don't deserve it alot of the time, and don't hold grudges. I love people, even though people seem to have mixed feelings about me. I don't know what it is, if I talk to much or what??? Or if people just don't know how to handle a genuine nice and honest person anymore, it seems harder and harder to find anymore!! I guess it has worked out though, my best friends are wonderful people and not only friends but my family!! As far as blood family goes...I won't go there, at least not at this moment, I'd be here forever, lol. I'll just say that I don't have much of a blood family. I do have pretty wonderful In-laws though :) And those In-laws come from my Wonderful hubby Kevin!! We have been married 9yrs and have three handsome/cute kids ages 8, 5, & almost 3.

Well that was some of the good stuff in my life. The number one bad thing in my life is my chronic illness, fibromyalgia. Fibro has tried to steal my whole quality of life and has almost won a couple of times but luckily it hasn't broke my spirit yet. Fibro will probably be the main focus on most of my posts cuz it affects every aspect of my life and is my greatest struggle and the thing I need to vent about the most! Tonight I am just getting this started and exploring the site though so bye for tonight.