Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good day and then fibro flare!

The day started out good really, I had to get up kind of early but I felt alright. The two younger kids and I went to playgroup and it went really good. The kids had a blast and I made another friend. I'm new in this town, we just moved here a couple of months ago so thats why I am noting that I made a friend, lol. I know only one household of people here so the last couple of months have been lonely. Anyway so after that we came home and had lunch and then went to our WIC appointment and was still feeling ok. Well pick up my oldest son from school, came home and done a couple of things and started feeling a little down and tired so I layed down on the couch and watched hubby and kids playing video games and BOOM!

Its amazing how fast fibro can hit. I mean its always there but its amazing how fast it can take you completely down. Everything hurts! When I say 'everything' I mean 'everything'! Even my eyelids and eyebrows hurt. My skin hurts, my lungs hurt, its awful. And this isn't a joint type hurt, this is a flu type painful ache! I took strong pain meds and a few hours later an anti-inflammatory and it still hurts. I guess thats enough complaining for now cuz I am basically repeating myself, lol. Ok, one more thing, I am also jumpy tonight. Fibro messes with your nerves and reflexes too, its not all just pain. There are so many aspects that it is hard to explain....and even harder to live! But back to the jumpy, its so annoying. Even the lightest little touches make me jump like someone scared me, uughhh. I think I am going to go for the night. I know I need to get some info on here about fibro for people to see and help them understand but I am just not feeling well enough to mess with it. I hope anyone reading this is having a good night/day. Take care of yourselves :)

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