Friday, January 30, 2009

A little this, a little that

Well I am still having my fibro flare which sucks. I went to the doc yesterday almost hoping that the facial pain was something else so their would be a treatment but he says that it is just one of the weird things that happen with fibro. Yay for me huh, uughhh. Oh well, I'm used to it by now I guess.

So for other things. I have ran across a really wonderful event here on blogger called One World One Heart (OWOH for short). Here is a little about it and a link...... Hosted by Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian, One World, One Heart has become a huge annual event - a cyber party of sorts, where bloggers and others from all over the world can visit with each other, share stories and comments, make connections and perhaps leave the party with a little goodie. It's a reminder of the basic goodness and generosity in this global blogging community (although you do not need to be a blogger to participate here!), and the chance to make new friends we might otherwise have never known. How cool is that?!
This is the main site here.
All the people that are participating are listed along the right side.

So I have been exploring theses sites and seeing all this wonderful talent and it has been making me miss my crafty side. I used to do crafty stuff all the time. I've never had just one specific hobby though, I do everything from paper crafts to bead crafts to woodworking and everything in between. I wish I had photos of all the cool stuff I've done but I only have a few photos of a few of my projects. I guess that I will have to remember to take pics from now on. This is my first ever lathe project (and prob my best, lol). It is a miniature vase. Um, ok, it ended up at the top, lol. That was the first pic that I uploaded, I guess I need to do a little more practicing to get it where I want it, lol.

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