Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why? Feeling Crazy

Why can't things just ever be ok? Why does everybody try their hardest to drag me down? Do they just like to pick up the pieces or what? Why do I always have to hurt? And why do I always feel guilty about being sick like its my choice?! Why can't I just be normal?

My kids are wonderful....unless I ask them to do something as horrible as pick up after their selves. All I wanted to do today was get the house presentable for company and the day went along with me doing almost everything myself, the kids pushing me to the limits and the night ending in tears...several times! And Ramsey's been the worst. I was excited about his birthday party, getting things together for it, decorating, having the party and its not even the day of the party and I'm about ready to give up. The kids wont help, my husband wont help and I'm at my wits end. Ramsey wouldn't listen all day and he has tried every nerve that I have trying to get him to go to bed. I couldn't wait till he went to bed so I could wrap presents and do stuff for the party tomorrow and now I just want to cry myself to sleep!

I wanted to write about our trip on Wedn., about what I got for Rams' bday & about my flares but I am to upset to so I guess maybe next time.


  1. Its called the adventures of parenting...been there and done that, believe me! Now that our boys are almost grown, life is alot more peaceful..and they appreciate me more...your sacrifice will pay off, hang in there! Do you have a friend that could help you out with the party? Don't hesitate to ask for help..if I were closer, I'd come over for sure.

  2. I am still checking on you....are you ok? how did the party go?