Monday, February 9, 2009

Pay it forward

I know I've already done one post tonight but I was thinking about this and wanted to put it up when there is actually maybe reading my blog through the OWOH event. All these giveaways and beautiful blogs have made me feel so good and happy and charitable and can't wait till next year when I can join in too. So what I was thinking is that the outside world also needs our help and love. Being green isn't enough, we need to present our kindness and creativity everywhere and bring kindness back to this world instead of automatic prejudices and rudeness and I think one great way (other then a smile :) is to pay it forward which can be done in a lot of ways. For one there is freecycle groups in a lot of places now, if you haven't checked then you really should, you would be amazed at the things people give away and need, big and small. If you have an old table and chairs in your garage, you could make some family's day that doesn't have one by giving it away instead of it sitting gathering dust. Paying it forward could also be as simple as giving your smiles away. That is one thing I LOVE about our new town we just moved to, everywhere you go people smile at each other. Just that one little thing sometimes makes my day and makes me so glad we came here and are away from the gloomy town that we came from. Well as stated in my other post....I am rather tired and I think I'm rambling now so I'll go but if you have any stories of kindness that you have done or something that someone has done for you I would LOVE to hear them. Take care. :)

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  1. wishing you a happy Valentines day and a great weekend....