Friday, February 20, 2009

My first real company is coming over tonight, yay.

I haven't wrote for a couple of days but not much has went on I don't think. I had my doc appointment a couple days ago and started my new meds today so I am crossing my fingers that these will work. He said if this one doesn't work then we might have to try treating a diff way, oh yippie *sarcasm* just what I need, more pills. I'm not taking as many pills right now as I have had to at other times but I have joked when taking meds in the morning that there was enough that I could consider them breakfast, lol. Speaking of medical stuff, I also made an appointment with the doctor that does the lapband surgery to see if I can get that ball rolling. I am so happy that my insurance will cover this. Lets just hope that there wont be any problems getting this going!

My exciting news is that I am having my first real visitor since we have lived here! I mean my mom stopped by but they didn't stay long enough to visit so this is officially my first visitor. Lol, i sound so silly. The lady that is coming over is a new friend that I made at playgroup and the kids are excited that there will be a kid coming over to play too! Wish me luck that things are fun tonight, take care and tty all later. :)

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