Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frustrated with kids, actually won something

I haven't posted in a couple of days, I just haven't felt good, I have felt so drained! I am going to the doctor tomorrow to get one of my meds changed and am going to talk to him about a med for excessive daytime sleepiness so hopefully I'll be feeling a little better soon! Its funny, I started this blog to have an outlet, a place to talk about my illness and life but most of the time I feel so crappy that I don't want to post. I'm sitting here now rolling my eyes at myself, lol. Another reason I hadn't been posting is cuz I felt like no one was reading. I didn't necessarily start the blog to be read by others, I was doing it for myself but I guess it was kind of a lonely feeling that nobody was reading it, lol. But something cool happened today, my sis-n-law commented to me that she bookmarked my blog and has been reading, for some reason that made me feel good. Hi Karen!

I almost didn't post again tonight cuz the kids are driving me nuts (the two younger ones). Why do kids have to fight everything?!? A piece of advice - if you have a weakness then don't let your kids know about it if possible! Uugghh, my kids know that if I get stressed then I literally get physically sick and even more tired then usual and they use it against me. They will stress me out till I literally can't hardly move anymore, tell me they are so sorry and then go and do what they want. Tonight it is not wanting to go to sleep, I have been fighting them for two and a half hours, I have took them to bed, asked nicely, yelled, spanked, etc and they just keep getting up. I am at the point now that I hurt so bad and am so drained that I put them in the livingroom and turned on cartoons cuz I can't handle it anymore. At least now they are still and quiet. It makes me feel so weak and like a failure when we have these battles and basically I am the loser! Well enough on that subject.

On happier notes........ I actually won something in the One World One Heart event!! I can't believe that I actually won something, yay, I can't wait for it to get here in the mail. It is a 'bloom' banner which is cool cuz I am wanting spring to be here so bad! We have had days that felt like spring but we are still having snow too, yuck. Everyone Take Care & ttyl :)

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  1. I know how you feel about kids and not telling them...when my kids were small, my mother was very ill and I had to take care of her plus them...it was so difficult and them knowing just made it worse...they seemed to act up more the worse I and Mama felt...life happens I guess...
    the good news is that kids grow up and they are nice young men now.
    You are not a loser...just human..hope the change in meds will help and I will be praying too....
    and I read your blog every day...hang in there!